Julie Lynch, Head of HR

Thorough, thoughtful and incisive, Sarah is the consummate connector – of people, ideas, and resources - always has her clients' and colleagues’ interests in mind, and above all is determined to deliver value in every relationship and engagement. Working with Sarah for nearly 10 years now in capacities including coaching, consulting, training and projects, I can be certain that our goal will be clear, milestones will be met and Sarah will have delivered with preparedness, polish and good humor.


SAJ, Educator

Working with Sarah gave me greater clarity into myself in a way that allowed me to better understand who I am as a professional, where I want to go, and gave me new tools to get there. She provided a friendly yet challenging mirror, adapting with ease during our conversations to meet my needs. I would highly recommend working with her.


EL, Sr. Director, Business Development

Sarah has been instrumental in helping me move my career along. I have long tenure at my job and, when I was looking to make a professional change, I did not know where to start. Sarah has been incredibly helpful in getting me through the sometimes difficult change management process to help me figure out what I want, where to look and how to conduct an effective job search for senior roles. She has never told me what to do but provided significant guidance and I learned a lot about myself through this valuable process. I can only recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for a highly impactful coach!


Tracy Burns, CEO, Northeast Human Resources Association

Sarah has played many roles with NEHRA over the years. Not only has she fundamentally elevated the quality of our core programming, she has played a key role in the creation, implementation and facilitation of the Executive Women in HR Leadership program. She’s been a great resource for coaching and her exceptional organizational skills and unwavering commitment to delivering a quality outcome, make Sarah the perfect business partner.


Terry Roche, RN, RSN

I sought Sarah's help when I was searching for my current position. She showed me how to incorporate my current knowledge into a strong resume that was relevant to the position I was seeking. Sarah provided practical strategies on how to tackle real life job interview scenarios. Her feedback is specific and actionable. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sarah has helped me to improve my working life. She has taught me ways that I can add value in my workplace and become happier and more productive in my position. Sarah has helped me focus on career goals and strategies that have renewed my passion and enjoyment of my profession.


Maria Guerra, SVP Influence Central

Sarah helped me find the perspective I needed to understand what was important to me in my professional life. While I felt that a complete change was the only path to fulfillment, she challenged me to articulate the criteria that most mattered. Working with her gave me the tools and focus I needed to reconcile those responsibilities and challenges that inspired and motivated me with the ones that did not, resulting in a renewed appreciation and approach to my career.


Participant, Women in Leadership program

Sarah was born to facilitate - she is the glue, the wrangler, the color commentator that brings the lessons home.


S.W., Senior Higher Education Administrator

I can't thank Sarah enough for the expertise and guidance she provided me during a challenging career transition.  Sarah is a consummate professional and strategist who has a keen understanding of what it takes to assist people in focusing on what's important to them and how to pinpoint a professional direction that aligns with those values.  The tools and resources Sarah uses in her career coaching were invaluable for devising a networking strategy, improving time management, and refining my resume and online presence. She is extremely encouraging and supportive and goes above and beyond for her clients.  I highly recommend Sarah for anyone that is at a professional crossroad and looking to manage a career change -- you will be a very satisfied customer.