Whether helping a talented individual or an entire organization reach its potential, Spark HR Solutions offers customized, strategic approaches for:


Talent Management & HR

Career Management


Being at the top of the org chart doesn’t always mean being on top of your game. Org charts and roles change. People get burned out, lose traction, or just need a partner in upping their game. Shifts happen. Embers need to be rekindled now and then.

We help leaders gain the clarity, focus, and confidence they need to meet their goals and increase their leadership capability.

Each coaching session is tailored to the individual and focused on real-time action and results. We meet people where they’re at. We may help a client brainstorm, ask thought-provoking questions, or deliver a well-placed (but nice and supportive) kick in the pants.

No matter how the relationship evolves, our commitment is solid and simple – we’ll do all we can to help clients achieve their visions of success. So turn us loose on your talent, then sit back and watch the results! 

Talent Management & HR

Investing in your employees is one of the smartest steps an organization can take. Identifying and grooming talent, developing teams be more productive, and providing opportunities for employees to fulfill their potential – smart preparation for the future’s unknowns…

At Spark HR Solutions we wield a powerful set of tools, talents, and ideas to help organizations foster cultures where employees can thrive and contribute.  Above all, our focus is on achieving goals that enhance market share, bolster growth, and strengthen profits.

Our work is focused on:

  • Talent strategy
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational development
  • Training and facilitation
  • Team development
  • Change management
  • Strategy sessions
  • Career management

The Spark HR Solutions approach is clear and focused: improve your talent, improve your bottom line.  

Career Management

Sometimes lives and careers take twists and turns. Maybe there’s a plan, or no plan at all. Sometimes there’s confusion, and there are too many questions. Sometimes careers need a break or new thoughts on direction.

As your trusted career guide, Spark HR asks the tough questions – the ones that get individuals thinking, probing, and intrigued. We challenge people with new ideas and options and most importantly, we hold people accountable for achieving their goals.

Our career management programs can help you with:

  • Personal branding
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Resume refreshes
  • Networking strategies
  • Interview strategies

Working together, Spark HR can get you re-energized and excited about new possibilities (or maybe help you fall in love with your current job all over again…).