Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching for female leaders to build presence and increase their impact on the organization.


The Connected Leader

What do top athletes and great leaders have in common? They have a coach in their corner helping them harness their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses, and maximize their performance. We’ll kick off with an assessment to identify your unique strengths and potential derailers. Throughout the coaching process, we’ll look for opportunities to leverage your network internally and externally. Our goal is to aggregate small behavioral changes that create a big impact, and help you build and foster your social capital along the way.


The Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator is a unique offering in executive coaching. This accelerated program framed for high impact, is offered over three months, instead of the usual six months. The engagement starts with an assessment to uncover your inherent talents and potential obstacles. The bulk of the work takes place in a one-day, intensive coaching immersion, during which we’ll debrief the assessment and use the information to guide the coaching for the day. Follow-up sessions will create sustainable behavioral shifts, to create lasting impact.